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We help the students to build the skills and learn new strategies that help them solve the maths questions easily and quickly. It is very important to have a strong foundation when it comes to learning the basic math strategies and this is the focus for Mahi Tuitions.

We encourage and guide the students to learn these skills and apply them to their school assignments, making their Math learning Journey easy and enjoyable. Click here to get ideas and know how we can help your kid.

Primary Maths

At primary ages, depending on what year the student is in we set up a road map for the students to follow and slowly step up the learning ladder with the basics of Math.

We focus on learning the basics of Number knowledge, Shapes, Measurements, Algebra and Data analysis. With the wide range of worksheets and activities the students get full hands on practice with all the topics and get full support from us in understanding the strategies.

Intermediate Math

At intermediate years, we know that the students have to transform their learning from basic math to more challenging topics. These years are crucial for all the students because what they learn here becomes the stepping stone for the advanced Math that they learn at high school.

We try to make the journey for the students easy by again setting up a road map and then taking slow steps towards learning of pre algebra, conceptual understanding, problem solving by expanding more into the areas of geometry, algebra and statistics. We emphasize one- on one-one tutoring at this age as most of the students need some extra support and guidance during this phase of learning. Get in touch now to discuss more.

High School Math

High School Math needs a lot of support during the learning phase and practice after the learning phase. We ensure that the learning phase for the students at this level is comfortable by providing them step by step solutions and strategies in the form of notes. Doing so helps the students have some sort of knowledge base to refer back to when they practice the questions on their own.

The topics that a high school student covers includes Algebra, Geometry, Pre Calculus, Statistics, and/or Trigonometry. We help the students throughout the school year or can schedule a topic based class as and when required. You may also request hand written notes for help or can get in touch now to have one-one classes.


Developing interest in reading and using great vocabulary in writing is what we aim for. We get our students to cultivate interest in different types of readings, giving them a brilliant platform to explore the world of books and enjoy not only the stories but also all other forms of reading.
Expressing ideas and connecting the thoughts to the words is an art that we teach to the students. Building the students’ vocabulary and choosing the correct words to state their ideas clearly is one of the key components in learning with Mahi Tuitions. Click here to get ideas and know how we can help your kid.

Primary English

Primary English is not only limited to learning the alphabets and sounds. It also is a time period to build the students’ vocabulary by learning new words in different forms and educating them to use these words correctly to create meaningful sentences. We stress on learning new words for the kids in the primary years so that they are ready to write beautiful stories in the coming years at school.

Reading different types of texts helps the kids to learn new words and also establish connections between these texts. We help the students to choose the texts and continue their learning in these years. We also guide students to practice sentence construction with proper grammar and punctuation to make correct sentences during their writing exercises. Something that you can start today is subscribe to our monthly worksheets that focus on specific needs for the students.

Intermediate English

Intermediate years are the transition years for the students because they now not only learn different forms of writing but also understand the importance of these different types. It is very important for the students to get a clear understanding of the various types of readings and writings because what they learn during these years decides how they would understand and interpret the texts and assignments in high school.

We focus on learning transformation of sentences, tenses, advanced vocabulary, verb phrases, idioms and proverbs understanding etc to help them build their reading and writing skills. At this point, we encourage you to enroll your kid for our weekly activities that allow them to explore the different components of English grammar and composition together with exciting reading and writing exercises.

High School English

Welcome to the years where reading and writing is now not only for the sake of assignments, but more of the hobbies. Yes, that is what we aim for! We help our students to look at reading and writing as hobbies in these years. By doing so we encourage the students to think outside the box and do wonders with their writing assignments. It is time for your child to now express their opinions and ideas in such a way that it captivates the readers’ minds. Together with us, you child can get that skill and guidance to achieve remarkable grades at school and enjoy their assignments.

We start with the small passages and work our way up towards the long texts. Doing so gives the confidence and time to the students to grasp the meaning of text and interpret it correctly and efficiently. We can schedule one-on-one coaching for your kid to get started with this exciting journey or can help with a couple of sessions based upon the topic.assignment or exam they are preparing for. Get in touch now to discuss your options.